Monday, April 18, 2016

... and the Close.

So it's the closing of another show. It's something that always has to remind me that theater is a temporary medium, it has to change or go away, otherwise (at least for me) it's not worth it.

You know this going in, but it doesn't make it any easier to say goodbye to another cast, another show, another moment of our lives. But I don't think I could ask for anything else.

That's what makes theater so special.

Onto the next one.

It's a transient feel, a transient career.
Samantha Watson

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Blurry Days

I'm at the point where my life starts running together. Class during the day, rehearsal at night, and traveling auditions on the weekend. Days are the same days but different days, in different places, and my schedule is too packed for this to be enjoyable.

Which is kind of, nice.

Yes, fatigue is is a thing, but so is stamina. My insomnia doesn't kick in, I fall face down on a soft surface and sleep.

Then I wake up, and do it again.

Complaining about working, even extends to actors.

It seems magical, but that's what's beautiful about it, is that it's not. It's deliberate, it's a choice.
Jeremy Bobb

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Rehearsals Are the Best

Rehearsal is one of my favorite times due to the fact that is where all the memories come from.

Tongue slips, finding out things that are funny, that's what rehearsal is for. One of my personal favorites from myself: the line is "you're a lesbian", what did I say, "I'm a lesbian" right in the middle of this emotionally poignant scene. The entire cast grinded to a stop for about 5 minutes because nobody could stop laughing.

It was the most productive use of time I've ever seen.

These are the moments most people don't get to see what is y one of the reasons why I keep coming back it's the shared memories.

The thing that brings people back to this work is the undeniable beauty of a group of people choosing to make something happen together, to make one thing happen. And it's beautiful.
Jeremy Bobb

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Actors and New Years Resolutions

A lot of actors have goals for the next year, get on a TV series, or star in a regional production. However, things like that are not things I make goals for. In my world, goals have to be things that you can achieve by yourself (or with a little help from your friends).

Things like getting a role or being the star are partially out of your control, so you can work your ass off and still not achieve it.

That doesn't sound like a good goal.

I have one goal for 2016: To live a more honest life (at least on stage).

Acting is all about honesty. If you can fake that, you've got it made.
George Burns

Monday, December 28, 2015

The Open...

Those moments in life when the world pauses for that moment. I find the really poignant and big points of reflection. I think of them as mini catharsis, points of clarity in a cloudy world that we called life.

I always break my show warm-up into 4 parts: the body, the voice, the show, and the spirit.

The Body.
I work on stretching out and relaxing my physical body. Just getting ready for whatever the show requires. I usually do this without sound or music, to focus on the task at hand. Even though meditation is more along the spirit lines, I usually try to stick 5-10 mins. on the stage itself.

The Voice.
In a musical, I'll use the piano on my phone to dial into some notes, then glance at my music and last run's notes. For a play, I do 5-10 mins. of articulation tricks. The big part of this section is not to overwork yourself.

The Show.
This is the time when I connect myself back to my character. A lot of the times of the characters that has traits that are not like mine, and just embracing those quirks. This is also when I hand with others.

The Spirit.
I spent the last 25 minutes, before 5, listening to a very specific playlist they just relaxes me. I would like to say my pre-show jitters usually hits (if they do hit) right when the house opens so the music helps. During this time I just focus on delivering the greatest show, no matter how big, small, or non-existence the audience is.

There's a reason why I'm always the first one in the theatre. I need the time.

Acting is very much this element of escape. This need to break away.
Jack Ellis

Tech Week (Throwback Unpublished post)

Note: I forget to published this so long ago (June 2015), so here it is as a throwback post.

Most of the time, tech week is referred to as hell week; a time where all the parts of the production are put together and blended in a blender for beautiful production by opening night. This time its been promising, no we're not done with the run so I don't know how well its going to be but this is the smoothest I ever had it. The first weekend finished on a high point with a cast "party". The second weekend ended with a two-hour strike, (or clearing the theatre of our production) and the stage being completely clean and empty.

Another wonderful production closed. Another opportunity in the works.

Another Op'nin', Another Show.
Kiss me Kate

Let's Be Honest

I forgot about this blog.

I'm trying not to self censor myself to much now. 

Thanks to my BFF for reminding me about it. 

Part and parcel of being an actor is to be nomadic, to miss the odd wedding, birthday, to say to your partner, I do miss you. I love you, but I have to be a thousand miles away, cause this is what I love, this is what I do. 
Chukwudi Iwuji